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Sandbanks Provincial Park is located approx. 10/15 minute drive from Picton. It is famous for its stunning beaches and sand dunes (some of which are over 40ft tall). The dunes are located on Dunes Beach West Lake, whereas the beach that you get to from Sandbanks main entrance is a long flat beach called Outlet Beach.
sandbanks ontario

This is where most of the camping is also done. It also has the world’s largest fresh water sand bar and dune system and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.


Sandbanks Ontario

Outlet Beach

Outlet Beach is a long sandy beach where the water gets gradually deeper. This makes it popular for swimming and the main family play beach. The shallow water usually warms quickly and is sandy under your feet.


Dunes Beach

Dunes Beach consists of a sandy bay dominated by huge dunes, some of which are over 40ft tall and have great views of the bay from the top. The water is shallow but quickly drops off into deeper water. Swimmers need to be cautious as boats often moor on weekends. The dunes stretch for approx. 8 km and end in Wellington where a narrow channel provides access from Lake Ontario into West Lake.

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